The current law, any, even unimportant redevelopment of premises, including areas of so-called "free" plan requires mandatory matching redevelopment in accordance with the law and obtaining a permit to redevelop.
For office space, located in the modern business centers also conduct agreement with the building owner and / or their management companies.
According to the law, to make alterations to residential buildings, may only be. Disposal Moszhilinspektsii (ERM for non-residential buildings) to permit redevelopment. Without them, the work will be an illegal.
In order to obtain such a permit, you must first create the required documents: make technical opinion on the design, develop and coordinate the project (if necessary) gather all the necessary information and conclusions, to sign several contracts and properly the whole package documents provide "consent authority".
The whole procedure of approval of redevelopment and permission to redevelop divided into several stages:
1. Preparatory stage.
2. Preparation of project documentation.
3. Coordination of project documentation.
4. Collection of additional documents and submitting them to the ERM.
5. Acceptance of the premises after work to redevelop.

Wallmax company is engaged in registration of all necessary documents relating to the negotiation of the detailed design and work performed in public institutions.