Construction and engineering work

The Wallmax company provides a full range of finishing and engineering work required in any modern office.

Construction work:

  • Installation of raised, reinforced, screed floors;
  • Laying floor tile, carpeting, linoleum, parquet flooring;
  • Installation of walls of plasterboard, bricks, sheetrock, gypsum sheets;
  • Laying wall tiles, installation of veneer, fabric, laminated panels;
  • Installation of plasterboard ceiling of all kinds, including Armstrong, Ecophon, Aspen
    and other manufacturers of modular false ceilings;
  • Paint work.

Electricity supply and lighting:

  • Assembling wire connections and electrical panels;
  • Installation of cable trays, horizontal busbars, cable laying;
  • Installation of fixtures;
  • Installation of electrical products: switches, sockets, floor hatches.

General ventilation:

  • Installation of ventilation ducts of various sections;
  • Duct ventilation insulation;
  • Installation of protective gear and safety valves;
  • Installation of air filters (grates, diffusers), including plenum chambers;
  • Air conditioning and heating;
  • Installation of water systems (two-and four-pipe systems of fan coil units;
  • Installation of freon systems (splits, VRV, VRF).

Water supply and plumbing:

  • Installation of pipelines of various types: copper, galvanized metal, polypropylene, Cross-linked polyethylene, PVC;
  • Installation of plumbing fixtures and accessories.

Low current operation:

  • Structured cabling systems;
  • A fire alarm and alarm system;
  • Monitoring and control of access;
  • A video surveillance system;
  • A security alarm system.