Design work

Design work for the office consists of several stages:

Measurements and pre-design work:

  • Develop a list of demands and wishes of the customer;
  • Preparation of technical specifications for the design;
  • Approval of technical specifications and cost of work;
  • Measurements of the existing area along with the existing pipes, ventilation duct outlets, switchboard location, etc.;
  • Performing drafting measurements.

Draft Design (Architectural)

  • Options for planning solutions with various functional zoning (2-3 options);
  • Approval of the selected option plan;
  • Clarification and more detailed study of the approved version with furniture included;
  • Surround simulation (visualization) interior - basic stylistic perspectives;
  • Approval of the stylistic and interior color scheme.

Working draft. Architectural profile:

  • Plan for removable partitions and walls (if required);
  • Plan of erected barriers and walls including size and attachments;
  • The plan of furniture and equipment placement;
  • Plan of the flooring;
  • Combined plan of the ceiling and lighting fixture placement;
  • Plan for the wall fixtures, including tile layout for plumbing units;
  • Drilling, junctions;
  • Specification of finishing materials;

Section of heating, ventilation and air-conditioning:

  • Calculation of heat flow and air circulation;
  • Plan for air ducts and grilles for general ventilation;
  • Plan for the heating system;
  • Plan for air conditioning ductwork
  • An axonometric diagram of the air ventilation system;
  • An axonometric diagram of the air conditioning ductwork systems;
  • Specification of equipment and materials.

Section of water supply and sanitation:

  • Plan for the water supply system;
  • Plan of the sewerage system;
  • Specification of equipment and materials.

Section of power supply and lighting:

  • Calculation of electrical loads;
  • Schematic diagram of the power supply;
  • Single line diagram of panels;
  • Plan of the lighting system;
  • Plan for power / internal air conditioning units;
  • Plan for electrical outlets and switches;
  • Specification of equipment and materials.

Section of low-voltage systems:

  • Structured Cabling Systems (SCS);
  • A fire alarm system and alarm systems (FAS and AS);
  • Access Control System (ACS);
  • Video Surveillance System (VSS);
  • Security alarm system (SAS).